Updated Archiving and Records Management Specification will be delivered in Q4 2011.
Event: The DLM Forum announced on 12th December 2011 that it will publish a MoReq2010 Testing
Framework and accredit the first MoReq2010 Testing Provider by the end of December 2011, which will
reflect Government, regulators, users and vendors requests for robust information control mechanisms to
meet European compliance and governance guidelines.

Analysis: During 2012, MoReq2010 will become a key part of information compliance architectures that
are driven by increased regulatory demands in the finance, government and environment sectors. This will
be encouraged by National Archives and regulators and kick-start the process to define new vendoragnostic
information management strategies. It will create the demand to encourage content, and records
management software and services vendors to produce MoReq2010-certified offers by the end of 2012.

Strategy Partners Market Update on MoReq2010 for the DLM Forum

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