Output, resources and reference material from the inaugural 2010 Public Sector Contact Centre & Customer Services Forum held in London on 10th Nov 2010.

Presentation summaries and slides from:

  • Dr Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist, BT
  • Simon Pollock, Head of Customer Services, Surrey CC
  • Richard Kenny, EMEA Segment Manager, Contact Centres, Plantronics
  • Kevin Gibbs, Assistant Director Customer Services, LB Greenwich
  • Jane Kendal, Head of Service, Gateway Multi-Channel, Kent County Council
  • Cathy Eastwood, Customer Services Manager, Canterbury City Council

All Change, Please: Serving the 21st Century Citizen
Dr Nicola Millard, Customer Experience Futurologist, BT Global Services

Citizens are changing more rapidly than the organisations that serve them. Autonomous, multitasking, social and multichannel citizens often prefer to use self service rather than having to talk to someone. When these people do eventually contact organisations, they want advice on the more complex and emotive issues that are not easily automated. Far from reducing contacts, this tends to shift them towards complexity. The challenge for the contact centre is to get the appropriate ‘networked expert’ to deal with the contact. What are the implications of networked expertise on the contact centre now and into the future? • How is the autonomous, multitasking and multichannel citizen challenging business as usual?
• Is there a future for the contact centre in an era of self service and social media?
• What do speed dating and contact centre management have in common?
• BT Next Generation Contact Centre (NGCC) transforming the way you manage communications

Clouds, Crowds & Customers slide deck

Clouds, Crowds & Customers white paper

Channel Shift and Channel Strategies
Simon Pollock, Head of Customer Services, Surrey CC

Practical ideas to optimise performance, minimise cost and improve citizen satisfaction.

The choice of contact channels available to the public is growing all of the time as new technologies are developed and released. For example in the last 5 years we have seen the emergence and growth of channels such as digital social media, mobile internet, interactive TV and more recently mobile phone apps and augmented reality.

Without a channel strategy many organisations typically adopt one of two approaches to using these channels by either 1) launching all of their products and services using on-line channels without much thought to the relevance and cost of doing so or 2) focusing on switching their customer contact to the cheapest channel (often assumed to be the internet) without much thought as to the relevance of this channel to their entire customer base.

This presentation explores some of the lessons learned from some of the UK’s leading public sector organisations who are pioneering channel shifts, and you won’t be surprised to learn, “it’s not all about the internet”

  • The top 10 ways to improve channel shift from the UK’s Public Sector pioneers
  • Case study results that show a big reduction in costs
  • How seating your web team next to you contact centre agents will save you money
  • Practical ideas to take away that can be implemented “next day”

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Channel Strategy Template for Local Government

Channel Strategy Surrey 2010

Channel Shift Business Case Surrey CC

How Sage Ireland increased productivity in their contact centre
Richard Kenny, EMEA Segment Manager, Contact Centres, Plantronics

Wireless headsets are a simple addition to any contact centre, and as Sage Ireland found, they can significantly boost productivity.  A Sales team using Plantronics wireless headsets recorded a 37% increase in the amount of calls they were able to take per hour over an identical team using wired headsets.  The net result for Sage Ireland is reflected in their continued ability to deliver customer service excellence and ensure we can maximise our availability for customer calls and requirements

  • How are wireless headsets best used within contact centres?
  • Customer Case Study with Sage Ireland
  • How you can achieve improved productivity with wireless in your CC
  • Additional benefits that wireless headsets can provide

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Delivering efficiency through the use of Customer Insight and effective Customer Contact
Kevin Gibbs, Assistant Director Customer Services, LB Greenwich

The challenge to Councils to change their service delivery models quickly is both obvious and immediate. Greenwich isn’t unique in having to face these pressures and in many regards the Council has been here before. However, faced with the decision to cut and do incremental recovery against an old business model; Greenwich has chosen to transform and devise a completely new model of operation. Using the new tool set of Customer Insight to maximising the opportunities to contact the Council while minimising the costs.

  • Customer Insight used to give a soft landing for hard decisions
  • Reputation management through segmentation
  • Customer Service activity key to budget reduction strategy
  • Co-location and co-ordination with partners to increase access while reducing costs

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Kent Gateway Presentation
Jane Kendal, Head of Service, Gateway Multi-Channel, Kent County Council

  • Gateway – concept and principles
  • Building on firm foundations
  • A ‘shift’ toward transformation
  • In-puts/out-comes
  • Evolution
  • The important lessons…..

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Contact Centres & HomeWorking
Cathy Eastwood, Customer Services Manager, Canterbury City Council

Learn how Canterbury City Council has effectively combined home working and technology to improve customer service and increase efficiency and productivity by:

  • Successfully implementing home working
  • How using a workforce management system has helped to increase supervisory time and identify where resources should be effectively deployed
  • How telephone self service is helping to reduce the simple but high volume calls.

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Connect Digitally: Delivering “more for less” Workshop
Sarah Fogden, Head of Strategy, Connect Digitally

The Connect Digitally Programme is driving service costs down through digital delivery.
Sarah Fogden, Head of Strategic Direction and Performance of the Connect Digitally programme at Hertfordshire CC will run an interactive workshop
focusing on

  • Streamlining service delivery
  • Digital channel shift
  • Realising cashable savings
  • Improving quality of service for citizens

Transforming three transactional services for citizens by moving them to digital channels:

• School admissions
• Free school meals
• Payments to LAs and schools

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Channel Shift Survey & Initial Results

We are running a Channel Shift survey, the initial results of which can be found below. If you would be interested in inputting into the survey, you can take part at the following link:

Click here for initial results of Channel Shift survey

To take part in this ongoing survey, go to:


More content will be added to this feature on an ongoing basis.

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