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Founded in 2005, Astun Technology is a Web based solutions provider, focused on the public sector. Based in Epsom, Surrey, Astun is growing and profitable. We have carved ourselves a niche by providing proven innovative software solutions that improve efficiency, enhance service delivery and provide great value for money by:

  • Reducing the cost of purchase and ownership
  • Enabling customers to do ‘more for less’
  • Supporting ‘Channel Shift’ through transactional services
  • Promoting ‘Shared Services’ solutions

We are pioneers of hybrid mapping solutions built on ‘Open Source’ foundations and are widely seen as the ‘go to’ company for this technology within the GIS community. Astun is sponsor member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) and a corporate member of the AGI. Our Managing Director, Mike Saunt is the Chair of the AGI Technical SIG and has a regular column in ‘Geoconnexion’ magazine which informs opinion within the GIS community.

Our first product, iShareMaps, was built in response to e-Government directives which drove Local Authorities to provide citizens with better access to services. iShareMaps enabled the public to go to a council website and type in their postcode to find and view local services on maps. iShareMaps has now transformed from a web mapping portal to a full data integration and publishing platform known as iShare and is used by over 35 Local Authorities, National Parks and the Police. iShare provides extensive opportunities for data integration, data sharing and joint working. It has been connected to more than 50 back office systems and ensures future flexibility. Customers have won numerous awards with many receiving excellent ratings for their websites in the annual SOCITM ‘Better Connected’ Survey.

In addition to providing iShare consultancy, training and support, we also provide services to organisations wishing to utilise the core Open Source Geo (spatial)stack including:

  • PostgeSQL / PostGIS (Spatial Data Warehouse) administration and optimisation
  • GeoServer (Spatial Data Infrastructure)
  • MapServer (Advanced rendering and map query engine)
  • OpenLayers (Front end JavaScript)
  • Quantum  (Desktop GIS)

We also provide data conversion tools, to facilitate the import of key datasets such as OS MasterMap, and other PSMA products into a PostGIS spatial data warehouse.

Astun Technology’s team of specialists has many years of experience both in software deployment and integration with diverse systems across the Public Sector. We are convinced that our understanding of your business together with our ‘Open Source’ knowledge and skills pave the way to a very cost effective and focused solution.

Shared Services: The web and all that it has to offer together with Open Source technology enables us to offer a number of very innovative Shared Services solutions that enable our customers to share resources and expertise delivering substantial capital and operational savings.

iShare: Astun Technology’s data integration and publishing platform enables organisations to make the most of their own data, extracting it, transforming it and publishing it both internally and externally. iShare can serve call centres via systems integration and citizens via the web with a rich mix of information and maps while delivering real savings through ‘Channel Shift’ and transactional services.
iShare is modular so once the base installation is in place additional modules can be bought. Here are some iShare highlights:

My Alerts module: My Alerts enables a member of the public to sign up to a Local Authority alert service that automatically sends an email when any council related service event happens within a predefined distance from their house, a new planning application or a change in bin collection day are good examples.

iShare GIS module: iShareGIS provides simple but powerful Intranet GIS functionality, which can be made available Council wide. iShareGIS enables all council staff to use the power of geographic information by providing powerful search, viewing, query, annotation, measuring and printing, with unlimited layers and map sources.

Publisher module: Publisher enables a Council to publish any of its back office data in a meaningful way via its website. Engage with your citizens by publishing your information, making it accessible and then enabling citizens to comment on it or post updates.

Logger module -  view case study  ASTUN_CS Logger v5 WEB
Logger enables citizens to report and locate (on a map) broken street lamps, abandoned cars, fly tipping, graffiti etc. and communicate this at the top level. It also enables iShare data and mapping functionality to be made available to CRM systems or web sites for easier fault reporting.   Logger integrates with e-forms on council websites and uses iShare’s mapping and location capabilities to make it easy for citizens to locate a broken street light or any other incident precisely on a map. Using Logger, we have been been able to integrate these capabilities right into the CRM systems used by call centres, enabling the customer care assistants to use iShare’s mapping capabilities in exactly the same way.

Channel Shift – view case study AS S_Tyneside CS 12_10 v2
South Tyneside Council has made major strides in the provision of citizen focused information and transactional opportunities, through automation, improved web access and a personalised alert service. This has resulted in considerable savings, £5,745 per month in Refuse and Recycling alone.  Much of this has been enabled through the adoption of Astun Technology’s iShare data integration and publishing platform.

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