Parker Software is an independent software house. Established in 2003 we have offices in the USA and the UK. Parker Software develops innovative software aimed at companies that do business on the web.

Parker Software produces two flagship products: “WhosOn”, a tool for monitoring web site visitor activity in real time and “Email2DB”, a tool for integrating incoming emails with business processes.

Parker Software’s products are used by thousands of businesses, large and small, in all parts of the world. Our WhosOn product is sold both to end users and to hosting businesses who resell the service to their own customers under their own brand names.

We are a privately held company with no debt. All our software products are owned, developed & supported by us from our offices in the UK and USA.


Adding live visitor chat to your website will improve citizen satisfaction and provide additional value to your Channel Shift & Self Service programmes. Why is this? Well the benefits are on a number of levels:

1. Potential Cost Savings in Operator Productivity

This is where authorities can significantly reduce operating costs the ability for one agent to handle 3-simultaneous enquiries compared to 1 telephone enquiry.

2. Increased Confidence

When a citizen visits a local/central government website, particularly if they want to purchase something such as a tax disc, or to make a payment such as council tax or to fill in a form for the first time, Live Chat will give them the peace of mind that if they encounter an issue or problem in any part of the process, they are able to engage with an advisor and complete the process successful and this in turn will encourage repeat usage and reduce avoidable contact.

3. Security

Live chat is more secure than email, with all WhosOn live chat sessions being protected by SSL.

4. First Contact Resolution

Most visitors to websites will give up and leave if they cannot find the information they are looking for within a few minutes. Live chat enables the visitor to get the information they need quickly. Visitors prefer to get information via live chat than to hunt around websites reading pages of content. Using skills based routing chats are routed to the most relevant department or agent on a first time basis and once in a chat session, the ability to push web pages, files and more ensures that the customer enquiry is dealt with first time.

5. Being Proactive

You can watch what visitors are looking at and then send them a ‘can we help?’ message. The message can be unique to that visitor. If you see a visitor pausing on a particular form or payment process, you can ask if they would like you to take them through the process.

6. Engaging with Diversity

WhosOn features real time chat translation, enabling your visitors to chat to you in their own language. WhosOn will translate the chat text in real time in both directions. This enables you to engage with the rich cultural mix that interacts with your organisation

7. Get your website to work for you

WhosOn can watch visitor activity. It can detect when a visitor may potentially become a contact, based on keywords, pages viewed, location etc, and initiate proactive invite requests on your behalf. This potentially can reduce a large number of avoidable contacts without any additional work from your staff.

8. Live Chat Improves Citizen Support

Live chat is a convenient, quick and free way for citizens to contact you, no matter where they are. Your citizens will appreciate this and their queries can be resolved much faster than email without worrying if your message got blocked as spam.

9. Know Your Visitors

Once a visitor has chatted to you, their contact information is recorded against their visitor record in the WhosOn database. This will show on subsequent visits. You will instantly know when existing customers enter your site. This enables you start generating a single view of the citizen

10. Be Up To Speed

When you start chatting to a citizen you will have access to all previous live chat sessions and visits at the touch of a button. You can quickly bring yourself up to speed on the citizens contact history and requirements, even if they chatted to someone else.


Fylde Borough Council engage Live Chat to Reduce Avoidable Contact

Fylde Council are successfully using WhosOn live chat  software to assist website users in finding relevant content on the Council’s website and stopping customers abandoning the site and using more costly access channels such as telephone and email. Read the case study Fylde Borough Council and Livechat

Top 10 Live Chat Tips
As live chat is utilised more and more by online retailers, financial institutions, call & contact centres, automotive dealers and real estate as a way to not only improve online customer support but also to drive additional revenue, a leading provider of Live Chat, Parker Software, with their WhosOn software have produced the following Top 10 Tips to get the most our of Live Chat Software

5 Steps to Pro-Active Chat
Most organizations implement web chat and focus on passive live chat requests initiated by visitors. If the software allows for pro-active live chat invitations, a huge opportunity is being missed. In fact, the value in pro-active live chat is vastly greater than passive live chat. Considerable time and funds have been invested in driving traffic to the website. It only makes sense to engage those site visitors. Follow these steps to generate a new stream of income through web chat invites.

Parker Software Improving the CRM Opportunity Pipeline
The traditional role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has primarily been used for managing either a database of prospects or an existing customer list but many of the companies residing in these lists are not being contacted regularly and organisations are failing to realise when there customers are checking back in via the website.
Read further…

Aviva improves Support Desk with Live Chat

Aviva’s European division recognized an opportunity to cut costs in the provision of technical support to their 46,000 + workforce through the implementation of live chat technology.
Eighteen months since deployment to the desktops, 77% of staff have made use of chat.
One quarter of all support cases have shifted from traditional call center contact to the live chat tool.
The addition of web chat has resulted in operational savings of over £1 million annually.
Full case study

Chula Vista Improves its Booking Centre

  • Live Chat evens out calling peaks and reduces the strain on the call centre
  • Giving live chat agents some negotiating power allows them to increase conversions
  • The “Call Back” feature garners a lot of use after hours
    Full case study

WhosOn Product Specification

WhosOn is an all-in-one software solution for: Live Web Statistics, Live Visitor Chat, Proactive Visitor Engaging, Prospect Detection, Live Web Analytics & More…

WhosOn can be used by any business that has a website. It allows you to track visitor activity on your website in real time (referred to as ‘live stats’), to engage online customers and it allows your visitors to chat to operators within your business as they are browsing. Visitors can request live chat sessions with operators without leaving your site or downloading anything.

WhosOn will help to get more sales & conversions, improve customer support, help to improve website usability and get the best ROI from your on-line advertising.

WhosOn Product Specification


WhosOn Live Chat Analytics Overview

WhosOn Live Chat Highlights – 10 Minute

WhosOn Live Chat – Chat Transfer

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