A new research paper from Deloittes titled “Choosing Fewer Channels” that looks at the importance of channel shift in this age of austerity has been published.

Reiterating what has been said by many over the last 5 years, Deloitte’s identify that the Public Sector should follow the Private Sector’s lead and use this time of “significant fiscal retrenchment” to drive citiziens towards cheaper and more efficienct channels.

The paper isn’t a “doom and gloom” paper and actually provides alot of useful content to be utilised by the reader in thinking about preparation for Channel Shift & Self Service. These include:

  • Characteristics of services that would be suited to Channel Shift
  • Examples of Channel Shift successes
  • Targets for Channel Optimisation
  • A Blueprint for a Channel Controlled Public Body
  • Reference to Channel Shift Trailblazer, Surrey CC, who through a Channel Strategy have experienced a 53% increase in customer contact over 3 years with a 50% increase in web usage and a 23% rise in email contact.

Rather than list all the other points of the report, click here to download it

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