Project: Simply is a full service digital marketing group that can give you all the expertise you need to turn your creative vision into a successful web property. We have partnered with ‘best in class’ businesses that compliment our expertise in SEO, Design and Social Media to give you the one stop solution you need. The co-operative nature of our business means you get a collection of experts in every aspect of the digital marketing process, which translates into a more efficient service for you, the customer.

At Project: Simply we believe in developing long term partnerships (one reason why we have built up a number of revenue share shops with other businesses), and this can only be done using clear communication to provide a project on spec and on time. We take a huge amount of pride in our work so feel rest assured if you aren’t happy (which shouldn’t happen, we have a 100% retention rate) then we in turn are not happy.

  • Easy, clear communication.
  • Creating clear time lines and incremental goals
  • Being on time and on hand.
  • Cutting through the Jargon and getting to the point.
  • Picking up the phone within 3 rings

Visit our site: – Or call us on 0161 408 1023

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  • Terry Beck

     Project Simply sounds like a wonderfully useful service.

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