Lorna Peters, Connect Digitally Business Improvement Lead, Connect Digitally, Department for Education and Hertfordshire County Council
Connect Digitally – Making channel shift happen

The Award winning Connect Digitally Programme is leading 152 local authorities in transforming key transactional services by:

  • moving towards digital as the default channel
  • driving down service delivery costs
  • realising benefits and cashable savings
  • reducing bureaucracy
  • improving service quality for citizen

Lorna has led all the research, evaluation, customer journey and benefits realisation for digital channel shift.

Connect Digitally presentation

Duncan Grainge, Customer Insight & Information Manager, Buckinghamshire CC
To “Shift” or not to “Shift”, that is the question.

Buckinghamshire CC have done much work in the area of Channel Shift with varying results.

Duncan gives an insight into the various projects and highlight successes and failure points:

  • Libraries: in which there have been some successful and not so successful channel shift activities
  • Transport:lots of channel shift with some unintended consequences!
  • Online payments

Duncan will also reflect on areas in which they have yet to crack Channel Shift such as Social Care & School Admissions.

To Shift or not to Shift presentation

Improving Processes, Communications and Digital Channel Development via Channel Shift
Chris Angell, Service Improvement Manager, Poole Borough Council

Poole have been involved in channel shift since 2005 and since then, approx 5% of calls to contact centre removed every year which has enabled both reduced staffing and more value-adding work to be taken on.
There has been a growing substitution of structured e-forms for ad hoc emails, enabling all required data to be captured in one go and routed direct to correct team.
Customer satisfaction has continually grown with experience of contacting the Council (improved every year since 2004) due to an overall holistic approach to service improvement of which channel shift was a part.

Drivers behind the programme:

  • Reduce avoidable contact
  • Reduce routine enquiries by phone and email to contact centre
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce cost through shift to cheaper channels
  • Part of wider integrated approach to contact management through all channels inc. improved communications, process improvement/redesign and digital channel development

Poole Borough Council presentation


Customer Contact at Cornwall Council
Wayne Smith, Assistant Head Shared Services – Customer Contact & Jason Williams, Corporate Web Manager, Cornwall Council

Cornwall have taken “Channel Shift” seriously and have:

  • Merged 4 contact centres into 1 & reduced over 60 published phone numbers to 16 0300 numbers
  • Migrated most* council services to a single cross skilled contact centre (*except Benefits)
  • Adopted Lean System Processing to remove ‘waste’ & enable a ‘value’ (quality) approach to call handing
  • Corporate directive that Web & Contact Centre will ‘front’ council services
  • Skills knowledge & authority transferred from council services to the Contact Centre through extensive in house training programme to enable 80%+ call resolution at the first point of contact
  • Technology enabled ‘Channel Shift’ & increased efficiency

Cornwall County Council presentation


Reaching the hard to reach: Delivering channel shift to both ends of the digital spectrum
Guy Giles, Operations Manager, Looking Local

We all have websites that, with varying degrees of success, deliver a wide range of public services online.
Typically focussed on a computer based experience they are an important part of delivering self service to our customers.
But what about the significant minority who still refuse to engage with computers? And at the other end of the spectrum, how can we hope to meet the needs
and expectations of the smartphone touting, always-on, app hungry customer in a climate where finances make it harder to justify examining the potential offered
by new technologies? Both of these ends of the spectrum are the hardest and most expensive to reach but where channel shift savings are potentially the greatest.
Over 120 public sector organisations are using Kirklees Council’s ‘Looking Local’ technology to reach both of these groups via TV, mobile web, smartphones, tablets,
games consoles and Facebook. Drawing from the experience of this large group of organisations, this session will hear about:

  • Best practice examples from across the UK
  • How the business case really does stack up
  • Emerging new services from Looking Local around Independent Living
  • Why digital inclusion is essential if we are to deliver real channel shift

Looking Local Channel Shift presentation



Award Winning Channel Shift – What it looks like and how you can do it!
Mike Saunt, Chief Technology Officer, Astun Technology

Astun Technology are the technology partner that have helped South Tyneside Council deliver an Award Winning Channel Shift Programme and Mike will talk attendees through the Why’s and more importantly the How’s along with the outputs/successes of the Programme and identify how South Tyneside improved:

  • Savings: reduced calls etc – use of Open Source
  • Service: Having both a call centre and the public using the same technology to record Highways issues means less duplication.
  • Satisfaction: Localism / collaboration with Planning policy.  Getting comments from the public on proposed redevelopments

Award Winning Channel Shift presentation



Firmstep provide customer service solutions for government. Over 30% of UK councils, as well as cities across North America, are using the Firmstep platform which comprises our Achieve range of software solutions to improve services and reduce costs by delivering more online.

All of our products are designed specifically for local government, in partnership with local government and focus on improving the customer experience. This approach has meant that over the last 10 years we have consistently delivered some of the most innovative, tailored and cost effective customer service solutions available in the local government market.

The Firmstep Platform

The Firmstep Platform helps councils to meet growing customer service expectations and make channel shift a reality. It is a customer service platform designed specifically for local government and comprising our Achieve solutions stack.

With the pressure on to improve service efficiency while still reducing cost, the Firmstep Platform for Government Service, addresses many of the problems currently faced by local authorities, such as data silos, disparate back office systems, reliance on paper and disjointed channel access. By removing these barriers, councils can effectively shift services online and deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels.

The Firmstep Platform includes a self-service front end from AchieveSelf-Service; integrated with our tailored CRM solution, AchieveService; powerful online forms with workflow from AchieveForms; and a fully-featured CMS from AchieveCommunity.

The Achieve product solutions are intended to work together, however they can be adopted individually. Our innovative LIM (Local Integration Module) makes it possible to integrate any of our products with existing third party systems.

For further information visit www.firmstep.com or call us on 0845 467 2971


Facebook is an online phenomenon. It is the site of choice for the UK’s social networkers (whether adults or teens) and is easily the most popular website in terms of time spent and comes in the top five sites visited by all age groups. In April 2011 alone Facebook was visited by 24.8 million UK internet users, around 40% of the population.

Looking Local is pleased to announce that a wide range of public sector services can now be accessed by the millions of UK social networkers, via a new app designed and delivered in Facebook. Whether you want to find a job, make a GP appointment, report a pothole or housing repair, Looking Local allows people to access public sector services within the Facebook portal.

Working with over 130 local authorities, housing associations, PCTs as well as Jobcentre Plus, Transport Direct and NHS Choices, Britain’s Facebook members no longer need to go to destination websites, as they can access and request services within Facebook with ease.

Contact: Guy Giles tel: 020 3239 5655 email: guy.giles@lookinglocal.gov.uk Web: www.lookinglocal.gov.uk

Asidua are showing off their Customer Contact PlatformTM (CCP), which is in use at several councils including: South Gloucestershire, Harrow, Chorley, Rossendale and Milton Keynes, and Police Forces.
CCP delivers seamless, cost effective citizen service, by streamlining customer service and fulfilment, delivering the most efficient joined up processes via any and all channels.
It is not just about a better website and persuading people not to call you. This is about genuine increased in service levels and satisfaction, meeting the needs of both the citizen and contact centre agents and managers. Our solutions are future proofed and agile, allowing you to become truly citizen centric whilst saving money.

Asidua are one of the (few) leading companies to have delivered Microsoft’s Connected Government Framework successfully to Local Government and the Police. CCP is built on top of Microsoft technology e.g. Dynamics (CRM), Sharepoint (website, workflow, content and document management), SQL (database server) and Windows Workflow and optionally Biztalk (integration).
Contact: Andrew Nicholson Tel: 0121 506 9671 Email: Andrew.Nicholson@asidua.com  Web: www.asidua.com

Police and Local Authorities are looking for effective software solutions to cut costs, transform processes, improve operational efficiency and enhance service delivery.

Astun Technology’s iShare data integration and publishing platform enables organisations to make the most of their own data, extracting it, transforming it and publishing it both internally and externally.

It can serve call centres via systems integration and citizens via the web with a rich mix of information and maps while delivering real savings through avoidable contact and transactional services.

iShare also provides a direct communications channel to citizens that subscribe to its automated My Alerts service.

Easily configured and completely automated iShare is a unique mix of the Astun’s own purpose built modules and the best Open Source components.

In use with over twenty authorities the award winning iShare platform continues to evolve to meet growing e-services needs.

Contact: Mike Saunt   Tel: 01372 744 009  E-mail: mike.saunt@astuntechnology.com Web: www.astuntechnology.com

GOSS delivers digital strategy, guidance and software to manage online experience based around our powerful Web Content Management system and online efficiency solutions.

Public Sector organisations are ideally placed to take advantages of the efficiencies offered by online solutions. The online channel, by far, offers the best value for delivering services and information. Streamlining the online efficiency of your organisation can significantly reduce administration costs.

Channel Shift is the process of refining and enhancing your online delivery and increasing channel shift through

• Usability testing
• Website review
• CRM integration
• Accessibility accreditation

Additionally the web can help you engage with your citizens and website users:

• Understand user journeys
• Develop effective site architecture
• Leveraging inbuilt analytics to measure your site’s success
• Create a successful Social Media strategy
• Utilise best practice advice, training and user community

Best practice tips and tricks www.gossinteractive.com/blog and Expert industry commentary and ideas @gossinteractive

Parker Software is an independent software house. Established in 2003 we have offices in the USA and the UK.

Parker Software develops innovative software aimed at companies that do business on the web.

Parker Software produces two flagship products: “WhosOn”, a tool for monitoring web site visitor activity in real time and “Email2DB”, a tool for integrating incoming emails with business processes.

Parker Software’s products are used by thousands of businesses, large and small, in all parts of the world. Our WhosOn product is sold both to end users and to hosting businesses who resell the service to their own customers under their own brand names.

We are a privately held company with no debt. All our software products are owned, developed & supported by us from our offices in the UK and USA

Contact: Ian Rowley  Tel: 01782 822577   Email: ian@parker-software.com Web: www.parker-software.com


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