Tuesday 24th April 2012 – LONDON
Thursday 26th April 2012 – BIRMINGHAM

Ahead of our 2 Channel Shift workshops, both of which are now starting to fill up, our 2 workshop facilitators, Gerald Power & Sarah Fogden, have developed a Channel Shift workshop taster, a free resource for anyone looking at Channel Shift.

  • Channel shift is the process whereby an organisation changes the way its service users or customers interact with it.
  • The change is typically from agent mediated channels such as face to face or telephone contact to digital self-service.
  • The purpose of the change is to improve efficiency, but may also offer an improved level of service for customers.

Who is The Workshop For?

  • The workshop is designed for people ranging from the Chief Executives commissioning major change to the managers of specialist IT, service delivery and communications teams implementing change.
  • Delivering the desired outcomes will require collaborative working across several different teams and management levels and providing a common understanding of the principles and tools used in successful channel shift is designed to aid this.

Workshop Approach

  • The workshop will use case studies from the Private and Public Sectors and interactive sessions to explain and demonstrate the guiding principles for successful channel shift.
  • We will provide an understand of the principles of channel shift and how to integrate them into current and planned projects to consistently deliver the outcomes desired.
  • We will also set aside ample time for answering questions and for group discussion so those attending gain maximum practical benefit from the day.

Channel Shift workshop taster slides


London workshop – Tuesday 24th April 2012  & Birmingham workshop – Thursday 26th April 2012 http://www.pscsf.org.uk/2012/02/channel-shift-the-basics-of-delivering-benefits-workshop/