The Public Sector Customer Services Forum (PSCSF) was lucky enough to be involved in the Gandlake Networking event which is run annually and acts as an opportunity for Gandlake public sector customers to get together, hear about the up and coming advances in technology that will assist them in achieving difficult objectives in austere times but also to hear from Gandlake Public Sector customers that have delivered success and understand how they might replicate it.

With a number of Business Partners in support including Q2, Kana/Lagan, Coactiva and IRRV

over 70 public sector delegates attended the event at the aptly named “Think Tank” venue in Birmingham to hear what had been going on in the channel shift and self service landscape….and they weren’t disappointed.

Excellent presentations from LB Harrow, Aylesbury Vale, Bristol City Council and the Central Bedfordshire project were heard along with a whistlestop tour through Welfare Reform from IRRV’s Chief Executive and shrinking violet, David Magor and some up-to-date info on Gandlake innovations from their CTO, Bill Sproul.

Areas covered included:

  • Electoral Registration
  • Revenues & Benefits
  • Social Housing
  • Welfare Reform
  • Customer Services

Not only were there some extremely encouraging savings identified during the day but the presentation from LB Harrow’s Solicitor and Electoral Registration Officer, Hugh Peart, identified that “out of the box” thinking along with questioning why things have to be done a certain away, could overcome the most difficult of barriers to change.

The presentations:


The Welfare Reform
David Magor, Chief Executive, IRRV

David looks at burning issues in the Revs and Bens arena including Universal Credit and the Council Tax Support Scheme.

Presentation Welfare Reform


Channel Shifting Electoral Registration at Harrow Council
Hugh Peart, Returning Officer & Electoral Registration Officer, LB Harrow

Harrow Electoral Registration

If you get your Authority Solicitor and/or Electoral Registration Officer to have a look at the process that Harrow have followed, when looking at satisfying the “signature” aspect of the process, the case law used by Harrow to overcome this hurdle was:

Fernandes v. Mehta [2006] 2 All ER 891

“If it doesn’t drive down costs and improve customer satisfaction, why do it?”
Carol Cutler, Director of Customer Services & Business Transformation

Harrow Channel Shift


Aylesbury Vale – Improved Resident Services with Excellent Take-up
Sandy Giddings, Channel Shift Project Lead, Aylesbury Vale DC

Brand new online Garden Waste Bin ordering service at Aylsebury Vale has seen 8,000 customers sign up in the first two months.

  • 8,000 sign ups in first two months to online payment for garden waste bin
  • To process 2,000 applications in the past would normally take three team members four months

Aylesbury Vale Channel Shift



Successful Channel Shift at Bristol City Council
Jane Whiteman, Assistant Revenues Manager, Bristol City Council

  • 30% of all claims made online
  • Anticipated savings in excess of £3m over 3 years
  • 100% increase in take up in 2011
  • Over 60,000 logins so far this year
  • 30% of all claims are made online
  • £250,000 savings in staff time
  • 500 completed forms per month via the council website
  • 45 minute saving per transaction

Bristol Channel Shift

Embarking on a Channel Shift Programme
Bernie McGill, Head Of Customer Relations & Services, Central Bedfordshire Council

Central Bedfordshire is committed to providing the best possible service for residents and has just started a major Channel Shift programme. This is an opportunity to learn how such a project is planned and implemented as well as the high expectations the council has when it comes to improving customer services.

Central Bedfordshire Channel Shift

To learn more about Gandlake, visit their corporate website and also check out other case studies and editorial on the PSCSF website:

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